Ride Day

PLEASE CAR POOL!  Parking is extremely limited at Bare Ranch!


Welcome in advance to the Lodi Sunrise Century "Tour delle Vigne" (Tour of the Vines)! Below you will find important information that will help make your ride as enjoyable as possible!

Weather  (Weather Forecast)

Weather on the day of the ride can vary from year to year - from upper 90's hot, to upper 60's cool. It is advised to Check the current weather report prior to departing for the ride. If hot temperatures are expected, plan on checking-in for your ride as early as possible, to avoid the heat of mid-day. 

Arrival At Bare Ranch Estate  (Google Map)

The maps, aerial views and driving directions found below will provide instructions on how to navigate to Bare Ranch. The main gate to the Estate is located on Davis Road BUT WILL BE CLOSED TO PARKING ON RIDE DAY. Entry into Parking area will be on Woodbridge Road, on the south side of the facility. See aerial view below.

Michael David Winery's Bare Ranch Estate
19877 N Davis Road
Lodi, CA 95242


30k and 50k Ride

  • Suggested Start Time between 6:00am and 9:00 am

  • SAG Support available until 2:00 pm

100k Ride

  • Suggested Start Time between 6:00 am and 9:00 am

  • SAG Support until 4:00 pm


100-Mile Ride

  • Required Start Time no earlier than 6:00am and no later than 8:00am

  • Late arrivals will be directed to the 100K course to guarantee SAG support

  • SAG Support and post ride meal available until 4:00 pm

Post-Ride Meal

Served from 11am until 4pm.


Parking at Bare Ranch Estate is very tight, so there will be significant controls in place. 

Vehicles should enter the Estate from the Woodbridge Road side of the facility. The Davis Road side contains only an EXIT where riders will be entering the course - so please do not attempt entry from Davis Rd. 

Parking Attendants will direct vehicles to designated parking slots, so please follow their instructions. 

Parking is not allowed along Davis Rd nor Woodbridge Rd. Please do not park there, to avoid being towed. 

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