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Saturday, April 30th - 2022

The Lodi Sunrise Rotary Club agreed to take on the bleacher renovation project for the baseball diamond at Kofu Park! The club demolished the old bleachers, then brought in tools and manpower to turn a pile of lumber into brand new bleachers!

Baseball fans should enjoy these new bleachers for many years to come, and eliminate pesky "splinters" getting into places that no one wanted! "It's ONE, TWO, THREE strikes you're out at the old ball game!"


December 11th, 2021

After a couple of cancelled Christmas parties due to COVID, we finally have a holiday together again!


November 19th, 2021

Picking up frozen Turkey's for our annual Tom Turkey Drive, to feed those in need during the holidays!


November 13th, 2021

Our annual "Rise Against Hunger" project to assemble food packages for global distribution to areas in need!

Sunday, October 9th - 2016

Whenever 3 or more Lodi Sunrise Rotarians gather, there is automatically a MAKEUP MEETING underway!  Club members Holly Sills Stuetze, Ralph Cesena Jr, Dustin Taunton and their significant others attended one of these meetings at Lodi's Oak Farm Winery! 


A great time was had by all!  There were several "presentations" by the various "Somaliers" pouring wine, each aimed at educating Lodi Sunrise Rotarians on the virtues of various Oak Farm Wines!  Several bottles were seen leaving the winery after the "meeting" including Chardonnay, Malbec, and Lodi Zinfindel!

Wednesday, September 28th - 2016

Rotary District Governor Tia Saletta honors two Lodi Sunrise Rotarians

District Governor Tia Saletta visited the "best darned Rotary Club in Lodi" .. the Lodi Sunrise Rotary Club!  Members had a great time learning about Tia's passion for Rotary Service, and her objectives for the Rotary Year.

Tia honored Tracy Williams with the "All Star Rotarian” award, and Ralph Cesena Jr with the “Quiet Rotarian” award.

Pictured from L to R:
Co-President Tom "Get Shorty" McCauley, Co-President Phil "Too Tall" Felde, All Star Rotarian Tracy Williams, District Governor Tia Saletta, and Quiet Rotarian Ralph Cesena Jr.

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