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You are just 2 SLIDES AWAY from changing your life forever as a member of the Lodi Sunrise Rotary Club!

Becoming a member of Rotary International is done via an invitation from a current member. Once a member has invited you to experience Rotary, there are several milestones on the road to becoming a member, including:

  • A current member (in good standing) must submit the prospective member's name to the club's Board Of Directors for approval.

  • A proposed member's character and reputation must be above reproach.

  • The reputation of the proposed's firm in the general community shall be the very best.

  • The proposed shall be able to meet promptly the financial obligations of membership.

  • The proposed should be able to attend regular weekly meetings and other Rotary functions.

  • The Board of Directors reviews and approves proposed members.

  • The proposed candidates's name is proposed to the general club membership for approval.

  • Any objections are reviewed by the Board.

  • The proposed candidate and sponsoring member attend an introductory meeting where all discuss Rotary and the obligations of being a Rotarian.

  • Following the introductory meeting, a new member pays initial dues, and the candidate will be introduced to the club as a new Rotarian.

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