Rotary 4-Way Wine Order
Beneficial Red Blend - $239.30 per Case (12 Bottles per case)
Truth Zinfandel - $239.30 per Case (12 Bottles per case)

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There are currently TWO labels available for purchase in case quantities (12 bottles).

Truth Zinfandel (Old Vine)
Zinfandel is Lodi’s “Truth”, and truth is one of the guiding principles of Rotary International. “Zin” was first planted in Lodi during the California Gold Rush of the 1800’s. It is the genesis of Lodi’s booming wine industry. Truth Zinfandel’s personality comes from 50-to-100 year-old vines that produce flavors of sweet cherries, blackberries and earthy spice. It is a traditional jammy and fruit-forward Lodi wine with a long, robust and smooth finish.

Beneficial Red Blend
A great red wine is beneficial to life-long friendships, and being “Beneficial to all concerned” is one of the guiding principles of Rotary International. Beneficial Red has aromas of blackberry, ripe cherry, and spice with flavors of bright cherry, plum and an additional note of spice. It is well-balanced with good acidity and soft tannins, providing a long finish with a distinct note of tart cherry.